Solvay Creative Consultancy Program 2022
From Creative Skills to Creative Consultancy 

Welcome to the Solvay Creative Consultancy Program designed for agency executives and organized for ACC Belgium by Solvay Lifelong Learning.

More than ever, creative agencies must engage in deep, value-creating activities with their clients. Value creation cannot stop at the creative stage and must now embed a strong component of business building skills.

This is why this exclusive program offers 4 Core Modules that help you build your business consultancy skills with a strong command of strategic concepts and tools. 

Secondly, you can put your newly acquired consultancy skills to the test with a live hackathon and present your recommendation to our jury of experts.

Lastly, after the completion of the Basic Track can deepen your expertise with the Advanced Track.

Key Benefits for participating executives

  • The tools and resources to turn your creative power into business-building recommendations

  • A unified approach in formulating comprehensive strategies and tactics to win with your clients

  • Increased efficiency in your operations and growing the next generation of top managers

The Building Blocks On Your Road to Success:  Basic Track

Virtual Kick-off

September 8


Keynote by Omar Mohout

Presentation of the Hackathon case


Module 1

September 22

Customer Strategy

With Bruno Wattenbergh 


The aim of the Corporate Strategy workshop is to define strategy and to get insight into what it is and how to execute it. Specifically: how to clarify key strategic elements with your customer (vision, mission, scope, value chain, innovation) and key elements about executing strategy, from where and how to allocate resources to achieve your customer’s company vision, to aligning competencies and daily activities to produce optimal results.

Module 2

Ocotber 11

Business Models

With Laurent Bouty 


His workshop will help you understand how to improve your client’s business model through the lens of circularity and sustainability


Can we implement new circular business models, enabled by the use of digital technologies, while reducing waste and optimizing resource use? Can we increase profitability by doing more with fewer resources and reducing externalities? Are there new market opportunities to simultaneously drive topline growth and tackle sustainability challenges?

Module 3

October 25


With Benjamin Lorent


This workshop provides an introduction to the indispensable tools needed to understand, interpret and analyse the financial data of a project. Whether you are in charge of creation, buying, planning or strategy, it is essential to understand how to assess a customer’s value chain, profitability and help him evaluate the components of financial success.

Module 4

November 15

Value-based Selling

With Regis Lemmens


His workshop explores how companies – through co-creation - have been able to develop new, innovative and sometimes highly successful products and services by using their sales force strategically. Learn how their sales forces have built new collaborative relationships with their customers ahead of their competitors.


November 29

Led by Omar Mohout

Application of newly learned concepts

Present recommendations to the customer

At the end of the journey, we will put your skills to the test with a live business consulting contest.

Get actionable feedback from our industry experts, present your recommendation to the jury and get ready to earn some exclusive prizes.

Action and deep learning are guaranteed.

Last but not least, all participants to the entire program receive an exclusive Certificate from Solvay Lifelong Learning that you can frame and hang on your Wall of Fame!

Advanced Track

After the successful completion of the basic track

High-level Data Management 

With Martine George 

Her workshop explores the effective use of data to generate business insights. Whether you are a knowledge worker, a business analytics practitioner or a customer intelligence executive, you will build the required capabilities to lead an effective conversation using data to better communicate over performance and impact.

 Design Thinking & Innovation

With Benjamin Beeckmans 

His Design Thinking and Innovation management workshop explores in depth how to identify an opportunity, understand and manage the mechanisms to successfully test it in the marketplace. Participants come out of the workshop with a sound understanding of business tools such as Design Thinking, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Canvas, Market Sizing and Lean Canvas.

 Digital Business Models 

With Omar Mohout and Benjamin Beeckmans

Taking an operational point of view, Pr. Omar Mohout analyzes the new value creation and digital distribution models, showing how and why some companies make the shift from disruptive to hyper scalable. What are the most adequate digital tools to support innovation, efficiency and growth?
What are the best practices in other industries? What does it mean to be a responsible business in a rapidly evolving digital world?

Dynamic Pricing Strategies

With Sandra Rothenberger

Her workshop explores how the world of pricing has been changing at a fast pace. There has been a development of new dynamic pricing strategies, an explosion of new pricing tactics, and a focus on smarter buyers. Her workshop focuses on those developments and highlights new perspectives for pricing strategies.

Meet the Core Program Faculty

Benjamin Lorent

Benjamin Lorent

Essentials of

Benjamin Lorent is a Professor of Finance and Insurance at the SBS, at the University of Mons and at Rouen University (France). He also teaches in executive programs at Solvay, in Switzerland and in Vietnam. He holds a PhD in Finance from Solvay and a Master in Actuarial Sciences (ULB).

BBE square crop

Benjamin Beeckmans

Design Thinking
and Innovation

Professor of Entrepreneurship. Regular coach for entrepreneurial & intrapreneurial projects. Founder of Bluecorp,, The Bridge and Hyperion – in short, a serial entrepreneur passionate about innovation and online businesses.


Sandra Rothenberger

Dynamic Pricing

Dr Rothenberger has been active since 2001 in the scientific and academic fields. She has been focusing her research and teaching on Strategic Marketing, mainly in the areas of Strategic Pricing and Consumer Behavior. Since September 2013 she is chairing the Strategic Marketing and Innovation Department at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management. 

Martine George-1

Martine George

Data Analysis & Insights Delivery 

Holistic thinker and enthusiastic learner, Martine George has navigated for the last 25 years in different roles and functions from a researcher in physics to become the Academic Director of the Executive Program in Business Analytics at the Solvay Brussels School.

Laurent Bouty

Laurent Bouty

Business Models

Associate faculty at Solvay Executive Education, Transformative Cx, Change Specialist, Pragmatic Optimist at The Beyonders. Laurent Bouty helps leading companies articulate, execute and present their Innovation and Marketing Strategies. He has broad commercial experience gained in multiple sectors like Telecommunication, Automotive, Advertising and Financial sectors.

regis lemmens square crop2

Régis Lemmens


Researcher & professor of Sales Management at Antwerp Management School and Solvay Executive Education, founder of Sales Cube. His workshop aims at helping organizations to apply this approach to innovate and redesign their sales processes finding new ways to add value to their customers. He advised organizations such as BNP Paribas, SONY, ERGO and Bekaert.

image (3)-1

Omar Mohout

Digital Business Models

Omar Mohout a former technology entrepreneur, is a widely published technology author, C-level advisor to high growth start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies and Professor of Entrepreneurship at School and Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. As Growth Engineer and expert with Sirris, he publishes on a quarterly basis the European Scaleups Report where he recently analysed the growth in FinTech venture capital.

Bruno Wattenbergh

Bruno Wattenbergh

Fundamentals of Corp. Strategy 

Chairman of the EY Belgium Innovation Board; Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Solvay Business School. Founder and COO of Impulse Brussels (before Brussels Enterprise Agency). Chairman of the Executive Board of the Microsoft Innovation Center Brussels, Chairman of the Brussels Guarantee Fund and Expert of the European Research Council.



Sounds interesting!
Who should participate?

For maximum impact, we recommend you sign up 2 senior members of your agency, ideally from 2 different departments.

Combinations like CEO + COO, COO + SD, COO + CD are most welcome.

Maximum of 25 participants for optimal group cohesion and experience.


Location: Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
‣ Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 42, 1050 Brussels - Building R42
Dates: September - November 2022 (Basic Track)
‣One session every month.
‣From 10:00 to 18:30 with full-day catering.
Pricing: 2,995EUR per participant for the Basic track including teaching material, catering and a Certificate from Solvay Lifelong Learning.
‣250EUR discount when you subscribe with two members of the same agency. 
‣To subscribe please send an email to 

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