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Our Short Leadership Programmes are tailor-made for the sole purpose of building tomorrow's leaders in a fast and changing economy, with professors and professionals from around the world at your disposal to ensure an extensive learning experience.

  • Programme in People Leadership

  • Programme in Leadership Collaboratif

  • Programme in Change Leadership


Tuesday, 18 October 2022
12H30 - 13H30: Presentation of the Programmes
13H30 - 14H00: Q/A Live Session 


We will send you all the practical details to connect and join our Zoom webinar.


Presented by Valérie Vangeel


Valérie Vangeel is the founder of People Mantra and also the Academic Director in Leadership Practice. 



Hone your Leadership skills!

With 3 different leadership programmes, we aim to provide an answer to every challenge and real-life experience from our participants, as well as a solid foundation to ensure a better understanding of their environment. Our professors and professionals from around the world will be at your disposal to ensure an extensive learning experience, so you can manage changes and/or implement new approaches in your company, learn the fundamentals of people management, and make your team more collaborative.

  • Learn the fundamentals of people management and to evaluate and reflect on their people leader habits and practices.
  • Make your team more collaborative in an incertain and changing environment.
  • Manage changes or implement new approaches in your company or organisation.

"Leadership is about knowing yourself, knowing your strengths and using them to make an impact on your environment. So it could be in your family, in your day-to-day life, but also most definitely in your professional life, where you try to make an impact in your organisation"

Valérie Vangeel
Academic Director