In Belgium, women only represent 16.7% of Executive Committee (ExCo) members in 2023. The Women Change Agent Scholarship supports women in breaking the glass ceiling in business. 

Scholarship Scheme

For more than 120 years, we have trained women and men to lead with sustainable impact. Our ambition is that by 2026, we achieve gender equality in our recruitment and that women, through high-quality lifelong learning training, close the gap in leadership positions. JUMP’s 2023 report on “The place of women at the top of the BEL20” reveals important figures:



Women make up over 50% of the population and almost 60% of university graduates.



However, they represent 40% of Directory Boards and only 16.7% of Executive Committee members (ExCo).



To break the glass ceiling, Solvay Lifelong Learning introduces the Women Change Agent Scholarship to facilitate access to our flagship Executive Master in Business Administration. 

Eligibility & Reward


Applications are open to all prospective  learners who:

  • Identify as women
  • Are an Executive MBA applicant

If you do not meet the above criteria, please explore our United Nations Sustainable Development Scholarship Scheme.



Interested prospective learners have to: 


The scholarship rewards successful applicants with a 16.7% reduction* on the tuition fee (saving you 6.549EUR)!


Why 16.7%? The latest JUMP’s 2023 report reveals that only 16.7% of Executive Committee members (ExCo) members are women. 


*This scholarship is not cumulative with Early Bird, Alumni or any other reduction schemes.


Testimonials from our EMBA Alumnae

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 Lac Nhan Phan Mai
 Lac Nhan Phan Mai

Lac Nhan Phan Mai

BNL & ND Business Director | EMBA cohort 2020-22

"Because continuous learning is crucial, doing this MBA was a key milestone in my professional and personal development. Thanks to Solvay scholarships, I was supported in my goal to pursue my MBA program and focus on the success. I have grown in so many different aspects with this program that I highly recommend it to my network."


Tina Van de Voorde
Tina Van de Voorde

Tina Van de Voorde

Real Estate Region Manager at Marsh McLennan | EMBA cohort 2022-24

"The EMBA has taken me on a transformational journey and equipped me with advanced business acumen, refined leadership abilities, and a valuable network, all essential to breaking through barriers and reaching top-tier positions.

These enhanced capabilities, together with a sense of purpose and newly gained self-confidence, will help me challenge the status quo and champion inclusivity and gender equality through seasoned influence and strategic decision making."


 Vanessa Callaert
 Vanessa Callaert

Vanessa Callaert

Managing Director at Aderco | EMBA cohort 2018-20

"The EMBA program has pushed me out of my comfort zone and consequently helped me to grow. Added bonus, I met interesting people and expanded my network."


Luiza Tudor
Luiza Tudor

Luiza Tudor

Senior IT Consultant / Product Owner | EMBA cohort 2020-22

"The EMBA program provided the pivotal transition from my technical role to a leadership position. The program's comprehensive curriculum, coupled with its emphasis on leadership and strategic thinking, equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to navigate and thrive in a male-dominated industry. Now, I confidently make informed decisions that not only drive business growth but also contribute to breaking down gender barriers in leadership."


Marie Casini
Marie Casini

Marie Casini

Business Line Manager at Equans | EMBA cohort 2021-23

"In a society where we talk more and more about representation, I am proud to count as friends amazing MBA alumna who are showing me and motivating me to be examples of empowered women. We can also rely on the men alumni to be allies after having worked alongside them in the program and showing them what we are capable of."


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