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COVID-19 Safety protocol

Solvay Lifelong Learning (SLL) wants to provide its participants with a safe working and learning environment during this pandemic. This protocol outlines the measures to be respected to ensure a safe learning process and prevent as much as possible the spread of COVID-19.

This protocol is based on guidelines from the Université Libre de Bruxelles – ULB, the Belgian National Security Council and responsible Belgian Federal, Regional and Community Ministries.

Due to the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding the Corona issue, it should be borne in mind that safety and health measures are regularly subject to change.


SEE has taken the following health and hygiene measures in order

to ensure the health of our participants, professors and staff:

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The official Wallonia-Brussels Federation (i.e. the local authority regulating university operations) protocol for the resumption of courses in higher education defines four levels of risk to qualify the health situation: Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. We have carefully designed contingency measures to be ready to face any of the 4 scenarios and ensure the continuity of learning.


Rules & Procedures – code GREEN

Following the decisions of the government and the instructions of the ULB for the Formation Continue, we are back with the latest information about the partial return of our training courses on campus.


Teaching activities

  • The resumption of face-to-face courses on campus is accepted up to 100% of the time. The capacity of the auditoriums is 100%.
  • Study rooms and  libraries are open. 
  • The access to the campus for the participants isn't limited and but remains supervised by the ULB security.


Sanitary rules

  • Strict compliance with sanitary measures (
  • Participants are not allowed to stay on campus after or before the course.
  • Please regularly open windows or doors in order to allow aeration in the room.
  • Face masks are mandatory for participants and teachers, in auditoriums, classrooms, laboratories, workshops, etc. Regardless of whether they are wearing a face mask, teachers must remain at least 1 metre away from participants, including during lab work, practical work, workshops, etc. Face shields may be worn in addition to face masks. This means that face shields are optional, and cannot replace face masks.
  • A stock of face masks and hand sanitisers are available if you did not receive them yet.
  • The Solbosch and Erasme campuses will soon host vaccination centres, open to all, members of the University community or not, free of charge and without an appointment. At present, they are still temporary and accessible at the Solbosch campus on Tuesdays from 10 am to 5 pm. They will soon be permanently open every day. We will keep you abreast of this!


Cleaning and sanitising

Classrooms are cleaned daily, except for floors, which are cleaned weekly.

  • Writing and work surfaces are systematically sanitised by their users before they leave. However, it is also recommended that participants also sanitise them before sitting down.
  • Participants are put in charge of sanitising. Each participant will receive a sanitiser spray bottle.
  • Shared equipment (in laboratories, computer rooms, practical workrooms, libraries) are sanitized after use (pre-use or at the end of the class).
  • After practical work and laboratory work sessions, the cleaning is carried out by participants under the teacher’s supervision.
  • In libraries, equipment (e.g. printers) is cleaned by the participants.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are available at each building entrance.
  • Participants can get free wipes (60° washable and reusable fabrics, initially supplied in the welcome packs) at the Erasmus campus library and at the University Press on the Solbosch campus.


Saliva self-sampling screening at ULB

ULB organises Covid-19 saliva sampling screening for staff members and participants present on campus.

More info:


Every day we discover new people affected in our family, friends and professional circles. Let's be careful and stay in solidarity.

If you need further information, we invite you to check regularly this updated coronavirus webpage as well as the one of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) or contact your dedicated programmes' coordinator. Latest announcement from Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles.

Take good care of yourself and especially of others.

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