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The  Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) of Solvay Lifelong Learning is a network that brings together the pedagogical expertise, information, and services needed by the stakeholders facilitating the teaching and learning. 

Resources for Teaching

You have the content expertise, now let's explore and discover the ways to build and teach the most effective course to meet your educational objectives & support continuous improvement to promote learners' learning and success.
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Solvay Lifelong Learning’s Teaching & Learning Principles incorporate findings from peer-reviewed educational research and learning science.

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Our educational philosophy is learner-centred. It focuses on constructive alignment with an importance on:

An open minded approach for effective learning and academic freedom

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Coursera For Campus (Online Asynchronous)


Harvard Business Publishing Education


Perlego (Online Library)

Financial Times

Resources for Educational Administrators

You can get access to the below resources if you are registered. Not yet registered contact us.

Sales & Marketing

In this Knowledge base, you'll find all the information you need to use Hubspot and manage campaigns and sales activities.

Operations and Coordination Processes

You'll find here the best practices for programme coordination, from enrollment to becoming an alum


Do you struggle with the revision of your course? Would you like to rethink your assessment practices but you don’t know where to start? Do you need input for better learner guidance or advice on learner-centred learning (LCE)? 


The Teaching & Learning Center delivers individual consultations for teachers who want to improve their education, need some inspiration or are looking for a different perspective. Together with the L&D Hub - Teaching & Learning Center staff member you’ll reflect on your practice, receive feedback and get advice on how to move forward.


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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

A line-up of Continual Professional Development workshops is organised during the academic year hosted by experts in their field. The workshops are 90 minutes long. A
certificate of completion is issued upon completion. 

Do not miss out the annual Learning & Development Day, an event filled with inspiring exchanges on educational best practices & trends!


Learning & Development Hub 💡

The L&D Hub is an enabler of potential. It contributes to excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. Our services include the below domains:

  • Teaching & Learning Center
    The  Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) of Solvay Lifelong Learning is a network that brings together pedagogical expertise, information and services needed by the stakeholders facilitating teaching and learning.

  • Excellence & Assurance of Learning
    We support the closing of the loop with the design and data collection processes for assurance of learning. Through consultancy and advice, we elevate the learning experience by contributing to the (re)design processes of curriculum and courses.

  • Educational Innovation Studio 
    We craft the program learning experience and support the production of teaching & learning materials, activities, and resources. As well as creating innovative learning environments leveraging the use of educational technologies.

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